We have introduced in our product range the SABACURE line: UV varnishes without benzophenone or derivates and UV varnishes without benzophenone or derivates formulated with low migration photo initiators.

We would like to draw your attention to the following information:

a) According to our present knowledges and the tecnical and toxicological sheets regarding the raw materials used in the manufacturing of our UV varnishes series SABACURE we can state that they do not contain Benzophenone and/or derivates as these products are not present in the raw materials we use.
b) If we make an investigation on our UV varnishes series SABACURE in a liquid state we will get as result a percentage of Benzophenone and/or derivates lower than a certain number of parts a billion (ppb). That does not mean that the Benzophenone and/or derivates are present in our UV varnishes series SABACURE, but it means that the equipments of analysis do not take quantities lower than a certain percentage.
In particular we inform you that for the analysis of our UV varnishes series SABACURE we use the methos of analysis GC - MS or GC - FID with <0,01 mg/kg (analysis report at your disposal).
c) So, in order to find the responsability we will go on in this way. We will extract two samples from any manufacture of UV varnish SABACURE. As soon as they will be well sealed, we will keep one for use in our laboratory and one will be delivered to you; in case of contestation we will refer only to these samples.
Our responsability do not extend to the finished manufacture (packaging) but it is restricted only to what we produce